Sunbelt USA is designed for the RV user when traveling throughout the southern part of the United States. Our company started in 1997 with the intention of finding and securing select RV resorts throughout the eleven most southern states. Sunbelt USA offers a selection of choice resorts that are a result of diligent research. Each resort has a dedicated inventory for Sunbelt members.

As a Sunbelt USA Member, you may reserve sites at any of our private RV resorts. Expect full-service and all amenities, sports, activities, and social events. Sunbelt USA is a private membership camping network. For information on membership call any Sunbelt USA affiliated resort.

Our Commitment -

It is our mission to make our members feel totally comfortable and confident with everyone in our organization and with the Sunbelt USA affiliated resorts, and to ensure that your camping experience with Sunbelt USA is unsurpassed in quality, service and satisfaction.